Natural Gift Syrups Set


Dandelion,Elderflower and Linden (lime flower) syrups are made from pure and natural ingredients that are free from additives. This set includes:

1 x Dandelion Syrup 245g
1 x Elderflower Sryup 245g
1 x Linden (Lime Flower) Syrup 245g

All our syrups are natural products, free from additives with healthy properties we think will help prevent cold or flu symptoms.

There are so many ways to enjoy Lessadds Syrups… drizzle over ice cream, sweeten cups of tea, dilute with water to make refreshing drinks, whisk into hot or cold milk, pour it over pancakes, spoon it into porridge, spread it on toast, use as an ingredient for home baking or marinades for any white meat, delicious stirred into yogurt and fresh cream…


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